Submission Guidelines

Lumen LogoAll submissions to The Lumen should be made via email to LitMed.Magazine [at] The deadline for submissions to the print edition is Friday, 4 December, 2015. We will still welcome submissions to the blog after this date. The general guidelines for submitting work to The Lumen, both for the print edition and the blog, are as follows:

1) All published work will be copyright the author under a Creative Commons license. The Lumen will retain non-exclusive rights to publish work in print and/or on-line.

2) All contributors will be required to submit a short biography (~50 words) with their submissions. This biography will be published alongside the piece (along with an email address for correspondence if the author wishes).

3) We will allow joint authorship as well as publishing work anonymously. We ask that while making submissions, contributors identify themselves in the case of anonymous pieces or name one writer as the corresponding author for the purpose of editorial correspondence.

We welcome submissions in the following categories:

4) Fiction: Short fiction which is no more than 3,000 words in length and can be written in any style or genre. Stories should be stand-alone and complete works.

5) Non-fiction: Narrative/memoir or essays (either critical or academic) that are no longer than 3,000 words in length.

6) Poetry: Poems that are no longer than 70 lines in length in any style, genre or form.

7) Reviews: Short reviews of one work (between 500 and 750 words) or comparative reviews of two or more works (between 750 and 1,000 words). If you would like to review a relevant literary or artistic work or performance, please contact us with a proposal via email and we shall consider it. Alternatively, we will also post a list of works we would like reviewed on our web site.

8) Visual Art: All forms of visual art (illustrations, photographs, et cetera), submitted as digital images (preferably high-resolution .jpeg) of up to 10 MB in file size. Please include the title, date, medium and size as applicable. If you should encounter any difficulty in sending us images via email due to file size, please contact us to arrange an alternative mode of submission.

9) Accompanying Material: Please also inform us if any of your submissions would have accompanying material to go with it (eg. artwork or illustrations for writing, supporting commentaries for visual art, et cetera).

All submissions and queries should be sent to LitMed.Magazine [at]

All submissions will be reviewed by at least of the three editors. Please also let us know if there is a particular member of the editorial team whom you would like to nominate to review your submission, and we will do our best to ensure that they are able to review your work.

Update: Number of Submissions from a Single Author

We have received several queries regarding the number of submissions we will accept from each author. Currently, we do not have any limit to the number of works from each author that we will accept. Contributors are welcome to submit multiple works across different categories of submission.

However, in the interest of diversity of the published content, we tend to limit the number of works from each author we publish to about two or three. During the editorial process, we hope to work with the respective contributors to select the submissions that are the best suited to the blog or the theme of the print journal.

Update: Format of Submissions

We also ask that contributors submit text in editable document formats (such as Microsoft Word .doc or.docx or  OpenOffice .odt) for the ease of annotation and mark-up during the review process.

For any further queries or clarifications, please contact the Editors at the above email address or via the following contact form: