Call for Submissions: Summer 2016 Issue (Trauma)

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The Lumen is an annual Edinburgh University journal of the mutual dialogue between medicine, the arts and the humanities. We hope to foster creative and critical discourse on the personal experience of illness and healthcare. We interpret ‘medicine’ and ‘the humanities’ as broadly as possible so as to engage a diverse community of readers, writers and scholars from across disciplines. The Lumen will provide a space for the expression of the deeply personal narratives of the medical encounter, from patients and healthcare professionals alike, and the aspects of the human condition that it exposes.

We welcome submissions of new prose, poetry, essays, articles, reviews and artwork from healthcare professionals, patients as well as from writers, students, scholars and artists from all backgrounds who have an interest in narratives of illness and the role the arts play in giving voice to the personal experiences of patients and medical practitioners.

The Lumen is now accepting submissions for its second issue (Summer 2016) on the theme of ‘Trauma’. Contributors are welcome to interpret this theme in any way they wish along the lines of any discipline. We also welcome reviews of books or other artistic work that deals with a discussion of trauma or narratives that emerge thereof. Some possible interpretations of this theme could be:

  • The impact of a traumatic event or process on identity and temporality
  • Narrating and coping with traumatic events
  • Talking about trauma in public discourse
  • The form and essence of traumatic change
  • Trauma as a permanent state of being rather than a singular, momentary breach
  • The trauma of internal processes rather than external intrusions
  • Historical, political or socio-symbolic forms of trauma

The above list is not exhaustive, and is merely indicative of some of the possible interpretations of the theme for the forthcoming issue. Contributors are welcome to interpret the theme however they like.

The deadline for submissions for this issue is Friday, 4 December, 2015. All submissions must be received on or before this date via email to LitMed.Magazine [at] Please refer to the submission guidelines for further details about making a submission to the journal.

In addition, The Lumen also welcomes contributions for its blog on a rolling basis. These contributions can also be stories, poetry, essays, reviews, et cetera as per the guidelines below. These need not necessarily relate to the theme for the print issue, and can be on any subject or theme. We are also open to suggestions for blog posts. Please feel free to contact the editors at the above email address if you would like to make a suggestion for a piece.

Please address all queries regarding submission to the editors at LitMed.Magazine [at]