First Meeting of the Semester: 1 October 2015

Date: Thursday, 1 October 2015
Venue: Greenmantle, 44 Westcross Causeway
Time: 5 pm
Reading: A selection of four poems by Glenn Colquhoun (available on-line on the Scottish Poetry Library web site)

We are pleased to re-convene the Edinburgh Medicine in Literature Reading Group for this semester. As always, we really look forward to the meetings of the Reading Group, the exciting discussions that emerge and the conversations that follow throughout the year.

To start this year off, we will have our first meeting on Thursday, 1 October, at the Greenmantle pub at 5 pm. This week’s reading is a selection of poetry by Glenn Colquhoun, a doctor and poet from New Zealand, from his collection Playing God: Poems about Medicine. These poems are available on-line on the Scottish Poetry Library’s web site. This reading was recommended by Vivek Santayana.

Some of the themes particularly worth thinking about while reading these poems are the nature of medical diagnosis and the doctor-patient relationship. ‘Teddy’ in particular is a powerful poem. One thing is particularly interesting is that Colquhoun is himself a doctor, and it is worth wondering how this affects the voice and context of his poems.

As always, all are welcome to attend. No prior knowledge (of medicine or literary studies) is presumed, and we also welcome suggestions for themes or possible texts for us to discuss in future meetings.


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