(Re-)Introducing ‘The Lumen’

Lumen LogoOver the last couple of years, various members of the Reading Group had published a medicine, arts and literature magazine called The Lumen.  After an inordinately long process, overcoming several challenges along the way, the group managed to get together a first issue of the magazine, which can be viewed here:

We are incredibly pleased to be continuing with this project for the forthcoming year. The Lumen now has a new team of editors who are working on the second issue, due to be published in Summer 2016. This project will run in close collaboration with the Medicine in Literature Reading Group, which will be hosting the on-line blog of the magazine.

What is The Lumen about?

It is a journal of the mutual dialogue between medicine, the arts and the humanities. It will feature new writing, artwork and criticism that emerges from the interstices between medicine and art. We welcome submissions of poetry, fiction, non-fiction as well as artwork, further details of which can be found here.

We hope to create a community of interested writers and readers, engaging patients, physicians, cares, healthcare workers and students in a wide variety of conversations on the themes of illness, treatment and recovery. Our purpose is to give voice to the experience of illness in all its diversity and complexity, as well as the narratives of healthcare workers and carers.

We will be posting some of the content on-line on this blog periodically, all of which can be read here. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be posting various works of poetry and fiction.

For more information about The Lumen, or to contact the editors, visit this page.
For guidelines about submitting work to The Lumen, please consult the submission guidelines.
The Call for Submissions for the print edition will be published on this web site towards the end of August, along with details about the theme of the forthcoming issue.


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